2021 Healthcare Trends

We are in a sector in transformation.

The year 2020 was quite atypical worldwide, driving profound changes in the way healthcare is delivered: from teleconsultations to the use of data science for disease diagnosis. Topics that have been addressed for a few years now, but without widespread adoption.

Following this, 2021 is being characterized by everyone embracing these changes, which are moving forward at a rapid pace.

The following article identifies the biggest digital health trends in 2021 and summarizes the main technological changes happening in this sector: https://www.rotageek.com/blog/the-biggest-healthcare-trends-in-2020-digital-transformation-in-health

We highlight the following:

  • Greater efficiency through artificial intelligence
  • Quicker decisions in the cloud
  • Innovations in interoperability
  • Telehealth adoption
  • Data analysis in disease prevention
  • Health supply chain security
  • Health literacy increase

We look forward to see all the benefits that these changes can bring to the quality of life and health care delivery for the population in general and for each citizen in particular.